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Speakers: 154,300
Location: West Africa

About the ethnic group ifè and about the bible translation work

The people who speak IFE live in the southern part of Togo and in a small part of Benin. A few decades ago, there were hardly any Christians among the ifè, who instead adhered to their ethnic religion and followed ceremonies and sacrifices to various gods. But now the number of Christians among the IFE is growing daily. The translation of the New Testament into IFE, which was completed in 2009, has been a key to this. When the New Testament was completed, many of the people began to believe in Jesus Christ and now the number of Christians is growing daily. The people now long to have the whole Bible in their language and they are now working eagerly to translate the Old Testament. The Christians among ifè now long to have the whole Bible in their language, so that their church can mature spiritually and be able to give the good news about Jesus to others. In June 2014, translation of the Old Testament began. The local translators have been taught biblical Hebrew, which helps them to translate more accurately.

The Ifè people have formed a local organization to lead the language project. The organization is responsible for translation, Bible use, literacy and language development work. The people have also set up listening groups for those who cannot read the New Testament on their own and they also produce radio programs on ifè.

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