Maria G

Maria has been working in Chad since 2019 and has been sent by the Swedish Alliance Mission in collaboration with Folk & Språk. Maria works with language development, ie. language research and literacy as part of enabling people to access education and the Word in their own language.

Right now she is working on creating a written language, an orthography, for a previously only orally traded minority language, which completely lacked books. The language is spoken by an unreached people group, with strong animistic roots, which is based in the southern parts of Chad.

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In Chad there are about 130 languages, many unreached peoples and many challenges. The country is ranked 187th out of 189 according to the UN Development Index, HDI. The country has experienced unrest of various kinds over the years. The level of education is low, literacy among young people is about 30%, according to UNESCO. Education takes place mainly in one of the majority languages. There is a clear difference in school results whether the student speaks the language of instruction at home or not, where students who speak another language at home perform worse in school. Therefore, the work with language development of people’s mother tongues is central in many ways.

Join in praying for peace, development and for people to feel the eternal hope.